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$59 $44 Incl. GST.

Sprocket, 3/8"-7 Picco, Stihl 064/066

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$4,394 $3,195 Incl. GST.

Includes 5.5m of rail (cuts 5.2m long longs up to 60cm diameter), height adjustable log beds 2m apart, M8 log clamps, and log ladders. Chainsaw carriage or saw unit not included. Add rail extension to cut even longer logs.

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$87 $79 Incl. GST.

Silbergleit, 1 liter, flaska

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$1,095 $995 Incl. GST.

The Big Mill LSG is an Alaskan style mill that can be used in combination with Logosol rails as a Big Mill Pro, or on its own with you own made rail to create the intial straight cut on the log. After the one straight cut is made, the LSG cuts parallel cuts below the first cut and continued slabbing each layer.

Chainsaw not included.

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$2,047 $1,847 Incl. GST.

Sharpens chains automatically. Sharpens ripping and cross-cutting chains, wide variety of chain types and angles. 12V operation for use in the field.

Includes 4mm and 6mm grind wheels for cutting teeth and depth setting rakers.

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$156 $115 Incl. GST.

Chip breaker 510 mm. Qty 1. Two required for head.

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$9,533 $7,450 Incl. GST.

Dimensioning Saw PS315 incl. SUVA-Guard

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$113 $95 Incl. GST.

Planing knives 410 mm HSS

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$1,399 $1,200

Top quality sharpening cabinet with purposed designed drawers to fit the Tormek accessory kits!

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$89 $77 Incl. GST.

Diamond exchange bit for TT-50 & ADV-50D

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