Operating a Logosol WDU (Wood Drying Unit) kiln.

We are quite often asked by people researching our WDU and kiln system about the process and operation of system. The instructions included with the WDU are international in nature, so we thought we would elaborate on the process here with a little additional localised info. The Sauno method (summary) The Sauno method is a […]

Producing Cladding with the SH410 Planer/Moulder/Ripsaw combination machine

Brock Morgan of Morgan & Co. Builders P/L, a new SH410 owner needed to make cladding from recycled Oregon boards for one of his client projects. The boards were to be ripped from nominally 50x125mm boards. The cladding was to have a tongue and groove with shadow line between the boards. First things first, we […]

How to build a Logosol Sauno Wood Drying Kiln from XPS

You can build a Sauno kiln from many insulated materials, including ply/insulation, fridge panels, and XPS (extruded polystyrene). Here is a video by Axminster UK running through the XPS build process. And for further instruction, you can read this build handbook, which includes build and operation instructions. Download our Sauno Kiln Manual (5.3MB PDF) For […]

New Logosol B1001 with trailer kit and SmartSet

Just released, the new generation Logosol B1001 Bandsaw. https://logosol.com.au/b1001 This video shows the B1001 with optional trailer kit and optional SmartSet digital controls (electrical feed/height/engine control system). New improvements include rail and supports, blade guards, controls, stability and strength, optional add-one. New stock leaving Sweden shortly, to have the opportunity to own this innovative sawmill, contact us […]

LAKS framesaw increases QLD sawmill output by 20%

This video is of a Logosol LAKS (3-phase 15kW) recently installed into a sawmill in Queensland Australia. https://logosol.com.au/laks This LAKS frame saw was installed into an existing sawmill, primarily operating circular saw equipment. Having this alternative of saw increases overall capacity of the mill by 20% timber each day. Rapidly paying for the investment in this […]

Planing hardwood – utilising the variable feed rate of our planers

One question often asked is how well our planers manage Australian hardwoods. The answer is “very well indeed”. There are usually at least two configurations of Logosol planer models. One variation will have a fixed speed feed motor resulting in typically 6m/min feed rate. The other variation will have an infinitely variable speed gearbox attached […]