The Logosol E8 Speed Saw is a completely new electric total solution with the focus on results. A special guide bar with a unique stability gives a quicker cut and a finer sawn surface. Working with the Logosol Sawmill becomes more efficient, and well thought-out features simplifies for you when changing chain or carrying out maintenance.

Ideal for M8/F2 users wanting higher efficiency.

Requires three phase power.

Select the E8 SpeedSaw (8kW Three Phase) package of your choice*:

  1. E8 SpeedSaw (8kW Three Phase)
  2. Either the Automatic or Manual feed unit (feed unit required to operate the E8 SpeedSaw).
  3. Either or both the 50 or 70cm ripping bars.
  4. Either or both the 50 or 70cm ripping chains to match you selected bar/s.
  5. Either a 7m or 20m power cable (converts AU-plug to EU socket on the feed unit).

* M8/F2 sawmill not included in package. This SpeedSaw package is for adding to an existing M8/F2 mill.

$4,660 Incl. GST.

Three phase electric chainsaw with 8kW of power. Includes chain oil lubrication and bar/chain water cooling.Excludes bar and chain.Requires feed unit (E37 automatic or manual unit) to operate.

$1,250 Incl. GST.

Manual feeder + support leg.

$280 Incl. GST.

Guide Bar E5/E8 27.5" (70 cm), for chain .050'', 3/8'', 108 DL

$245 Incl. GST.

For connecting 3 phase EU machinery to Australian standard 3 phase power. For Logosol 3-phase machines (excl PH360 and PH365) and extractors. Includes EU female plug, 7m of cable, AU 20A male plug.

$175 Incl. GST.

Guide Bar E5/E8 20" (50 cm), for chain .050'', 3/8'', 88 DL

$108 Incl. GST.

Chain for 27.5'' (70 cm) E5/E8 Guide Bar (.050'', 3/8'', 108 DL)

$88 Incl. GST.

Chain for 20'' (50 cm) E5/E8 Guide Bar (.050'', 3/8'', 88 DL)