Perfect when you want to saw where the logs are.

The Logosol M8 equipped with a chainsaw is our best selling model. Into the portable, original sawmill we have put over 25 years’ experience of small-scale sawing. You get great results from the very start and can realise your building projects using your homemade timber.

Suitable for hardwood milling.

We recommend the strong 90+cc chainsaw Stihl MS660 for small and large (50cm) diameter milling. Smaller chainsaw 60+cc for small to medium logs.

With over 7 hp and a thin guide bar you cut fast and get a fine sawn surface. For smaller dimensions, a saw like the 60+cc Stihl MS391 or similar can work quite well.

Logosol M8 – high precision from the first cut. Each Logosol M8 has been adjusted, checked and partly preassembled when delivered. The structure is of black anodised aluminium alloy, a material with great qualities that make the sawmill lightweight, strong and rigid. You can saw all year round. The sawmill is suitable for sawing in wet and dry conditions.

Simple to use – easy to own.
Easy to transport and carry.
You can saw out in the woods and fields.
You can manage everything by yourself.
Safe and convenient lifting winches.
Quick, separate setting of the log beds ensures the best sawing yield.
Can be kept outdoors all year round.
You saw in a comfortable upright working position.

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$350 Incl. GST.

Chainsaw carriage with guard, for M8 and suitable upgrade for Farmers M8 and Big Mill System rails. Chainsaw not included.

$300 Incl. GST.

Extension 1,0 m, without Support Leg, silver

$260 Incl. GST.

Round Sawing Attachments

$239 Incl. GST.

Versatile Log Fence

$213 Incl. GST.

Extension, 1,6 ft (0,5 m), silver

$95 Incl. GST.

Log holder XL

$72 Incl. GST.

Mil height / board thickness setting gauge. Qty 1. Consider a second one as as two are sometimes handy.

$45 Incl. GST.

Gauging Rod, for M7

$20 Incl. GST.

Logosol nut, Stihl MS880/088. Qty. 1 nut

$12 Incl. GST.

Logosol nut, Stihl MS361/MS660/064/066. Qty. 1 nut.

$0 Incl. GST.

A complete catalogue of Logosol products available in Australia.