Jointer/planer H410

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Joints and planes without resetting between operations.

Precision-machined table of cast-iron, stable side fence and two motors. The H410 jointer/planer is ideal for the choosy carpenter.

This machine does not require reconfiguration between jointing and planing. This saves a lot of time and, above all, you can keep the fine-tuned setting of the jointer table, which easily is lost on machines where the jointer tables are folded up when you are going to plane.

You can go directly from jointing to planing operation without even switching the motor off. This means that you work as fast as if you had separate machines for jointing and planing.


  • Fast and reliable processing.
  • Retains the precision.
  • Does not require reconfiguration between jointing and planing.
  • For reliable and fast processing.
  • Simple and stable structure.
  • You can watch the entire process, so that you can feel safe while working.

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Included with an H410:

  • Planing knives for top horizontal cutter.
  • Toolkit.Setting block for planing knives.
  • Stable, tiltable side fence for jointer table.


$845 Incl. GST.

Optional addition for Variable Feeding Speed, 2-12 m/min

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$245 Incl. GST.

For connecting 3 phase EU machinery to Australian standard 3 phase power. For Logosol 3-phase machines (excl PH360 and PH365) and extractors. Includes EU female plug, 7m of cable, AU 20A male plug.

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$210 Incl. GST.

Table Extension, 12'' x 16 '' (290 x 410 mm)

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$160 Incl. GST.

Castor Set, 4 Lockable Castors

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$110 Incl. GST.

Planing knives 410 mm HSS

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$32 Incl. GST.

Setting block for planing knives.

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$5 Incl. GST.

All our planer/moulder cutter heads, knives, and more.

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$0 Incl. GST.

Featuring the four head PH260, PH360, and five head PH365, accessories and knives. Australasian edition.

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