Planer/moulder/resaw SH410

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Combined planer, moulder and resaw.

The possibility of planing, moulding and resawing in one operation saves many working hours. The Logosol SH410 is easy to use and you get excellent results immediately.

When you mount moulding knives in the cutter head, you can produce finished joists, DAR, skirtings, architraves, quad, coves, mouldings, panelling and more.

The variable feed speed (between 2 and 12 meters per minute) enables both hardwood and softwood planing and moulding at the best speed matched to the timber species to achieve the finest finish.

Resawing to the right dimensions for your timber. A safe resaw. Its design eliminates the operation that causes most serious hand injuries at construction sites.

When the circular sawblade is pushed to the side, you have a planer that can take 410 mm wide and 260 mm thick workpieces.

Achieve the following with ease. DAR stock with or without roundovers. Skirting boards and architraves. Wall and ceiling paneling. Coves, quads, beads. Large dimension T and G (eg. 70x50mm). Standard dimension T and G (eg.20x80mm floorboards) with optional T and G attachment.

Resetting for moulding operation only takes 5–10 minutes. A wide range of moulding knives available for production of finished joists, mouldings, flooring, panelling, and much more.


  • Max material width: 410mm.
  • Max profile depth: 20mm.
  • Planing: to 410mm W and to 250mm H.
  • Resawing cutting height: 75mm.
  • Sawblade diameter: 225mm.
  • Variable feed speed: 2 to 12 meters per minute.
  • Power: Up to 4.2kW total.


$11,495 Incl. GST.

Logosol SH410, incl. infinitely variable feed rate 2-12 m/min.   Pictured castors sold separately.  

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$10,945 Incl. GST.

Logosol SH410, incl. infinitely variable feed rate 2-12 m/min.   Pictured castors sold separately.

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$1,300 $1,150 Incl. GST.

9 pairs of HSS moulding knives.

3 pairs of gibs.

1 pair of position holders.

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$545 Incl. GST.

Feed table for PH260, DH410 (Model 2), SH410, 4 ft (1,2 m), 1 pc.

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$395 Incl. GST.

Enables the Sh410 to produce T&G boards.

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$392.02 Incl. GST.

Replacement saw blade for SH410. 225mm diameter with 75mm depth of cut.

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$245 Incl. GST.

For connecting 3 phase EU machinery to Australian standard 3 phase power.   For Logosol 3-phase machines (excl PH360 and PH365) and extractors.   Includes EU female plug, 7m of cable, AU 20A male plug.

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$5 Incl. GST.

All our planer/moulder cutter heads, knives, and more.

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$0 Incl. GST.

Featuring the four head PH260, PH360, and five head PH365, accessories and knives. Australasian edition.

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