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Logosol sawmills and machinery are a relatively niche market and upon discovery of our products, customers are usually keen to get one as soon as possible.

Although we try to have our key products available in the shortest possible timeframe, popular products may sell out, select products have to be brought in upon customer request. And some specialist products only built to order.

To best communicate with our customers accurate availability, we have a delivery time indicator on most products on our web-store. We have also created the below table; updated daily to reflect availability.


Chainsaw mills

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Bandsaw mills

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Planer/moulders resaws

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Featuring the four head PH260, PH360, and five head PH365, accessories and knives. Australasian edition.

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A complete catalogue of Logosol products, including chainsaw mills, accessories, planer/moulders, and industrial machines LAKS, etc. Australasian edition.

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