In just two passes, the DH-410 does the same job as the 4-cutter – at a lower price!If you are on a budget, you can achieve the same results of our PH260 four sider, but with LOGOSOL’s DH410 two sider – but in two passes instead of just one.The DH410 is a great way to get the functionality out of our PH260 four sided planer/moulder, but with only two heads in the DH410 you run the timber through twice instead of just he one.The variable feed speed of 2 to 12 meters per minute is perfect for both hardwood and softwood species.2-sided machining: to 325mm W and 110mm H.Planing: to 410mm W and to 260mm H.Variable feed speed: 2 to 12 meters per minute.Power: Up to 6.2kW total (all cutter motors and feed motor).A great solution if you want advanced machining on a budget.The NEW DH410 Model 2 has a number of improvements bringing closer to the specification and format of the PH260.Including the following improvements:New designExtended planing length with standard in-feed tablesBetter in-feed guidanceEasier adjustment of fencesChip outlet for top cutter is 125 mm in  diameter and has a new design.20 mm top cutter profile depthStronger bearing in top cutter [vimeo 118890756 w=500 h=282]