Unique planer/moulder with a fifth cutter.

With the Logosol PH365 you can produce complex profiles in one operation. For example, you can produce material for window manufacturing.

This machine is the large four-sided planer/moulder PH360 that has been equipped with a unique fifth cutter. This cutter unit is developed from Logosol’s vertical milling machine MF30.

The PH365 differs from everything else on the market by being able to be tilted through 270 degrees. This means that you can machine the workpiece from below, from the side or from above.


You work efficiently with quick settings.

A machine of possibilities.

For the Logosol PH365 there are a wide range of available items for the 5th cutter endmill, including moulding knives, sawblades, brushes and sanding rollers. This 5th cutter head versatility is ideal for:

  • When you want to have an extra fine result.
  • Polishing for a perfect surface finish.
  • Brushing.
  • End milling.
  • Sanding.
  • Roughening surfaces before painting.
  • Moulding with very deep profile (up to 50 mm).