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At Logosol (Ideal Tools) we understand the social importance of Men’s Sheds to communities all around Australia; and appreciate the benefits given by Men’s Sheds to the wider community as a whole. Therefore we wish to offer Men’s Sheds something in return from us.

If you represent or are a member of an Australian Men’s Shed you may find Logosol products can provide your Shed with additional interest and functionality not currently being enjoyed by your members.

Having the ability to undertake your own sawmilling and/or processing your own timber can have a number of benefits, including:

  • Opening up enjoyable new activities and undergoing further education.
  • Saving your Shed money by turning local log/tree resources into useable project timber.

We have a wide range products Men’s Sheds may find useful. Like these:

However, for Men’s Sheds, we know these tools are the most relevant and deserve a closer look:

F2 Chainsaw Mill – highly accurate and easy to use chainsaw mill at an excellent price. Mill slabs, boards, posts, rails, and decorative angled slices for signs. For something larger, take a look at our M8 mill. Timberjig – a low cost chainsaw attachment for milling, using DIY rails. Or you can use our rails like this Big Mill Basic package. B751 Bandsaw Mill – in its basic configuration it can saw up to 75 cm in diameter, 4.8 metre logs (can be further extended). Has several well thought-out and unique features, easy to use, and accurate.
Sauno Wood Drying Kiln – this kiln unit fits a DIY cabinet and uniquely steams and dries the timber for fast drying sawn timber. Producing stable timber with minimal cracking. Imagine dry and stable timber from green to desired %MC in only a few weeks. 

SH410 Planer-Moulder – this machine can plane, mould and is a powered rip saw, all in one compact footprint. In just two passes you can produce DAR, full T&G boards, or intricate mouldings.

 Smart Log Holder – reduces your need to lift heavy loads, like the full log weight. You lift just one end of the log and place in the Smart-Holder, then lift the other end and the Smart-Holder automatically clamps the log at the desired height, nicely balanced. Ready for chainsawing.
Tormek Tool and Knife Sharpening System – The Tormek sharpening system can sharpen and hone almost any edge tool in your workshop, including KNIVES, WOODWORKING TOOLS, DRILL BITS, TURNING and CARVING tools. Bandsaw Sharpening Robot – Logosol Grindlux sharpens your bandsaw blades completely automatically. Including grinding the cutting teeth and the gullets of every tooth. The Grindlux feeds the blade, sharpens the tooth and gullet automatically. Chainsaw Sharpening Robot – Logosol’s automatic chain sharpening robot takes electric chain sharpening to the next level of accuracy and efficiency. All teeth with precise angle and length, both left and right. Easy!


Logosol would like to support Australian Men’s Sheds with special offers on some of our more relevant products exclusively for Men’s Sheds and extending these offers to the Shed’s members.

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