Good results at once!Big Mill System is a well thought-out system of sawing equipment that can easily be expanded and upgraded when you require. For a small investment you get a portable mini-sawmill that cuts with great precision. With this equipment you can handle everything from normal to oversized logs. You get good results at once and get started quickly with your sawing project!A complete system for log sawing.Handle over-sized logs with great precision.Turn your chainsaw into a small sawmill.With the Big Mill System you saw quickly and accurately for a small investment.Many people who use Big Mill Basic for the first time, are impressed by how well it works as a portable sawmill. The equipment turns an ordinary chainsaw into a complete sawmill. With Big Mill Basic you can cut logs into finished planks and boards. You get a good result at once, with great accuracy. The height setting with fixed steps facilitate sawing and gives your timber accurate dimensions.