Highest quality and production year after year.

Many sawmill owners can reach industrial capacity with the Logosol LAKS frame saw. With efficiency and reliability the LAKS turns cants into sawn boards with a controlled process and minimal single person handling. A flexible machine that can be adapted to your business

The frame saw has been developed and refined during 20 years and today it is a pro product that offers amazing sawing results. The frame with up to twenty sawblades and the mechanical feed, work in perfect harmony, producing a high surface that is smooth and regular.

Low installation cost — easy to operate and maintain.Easy to install. You get started quickly!Up to 21 perfectly sawn boards straight off each block of wood.

Quick blade replacement. A smart system ensures that the blades always come in the exact position. Replacement takes less than 20 minutes.Low energy consumption. Environmentally friendly and economical.

Energy consumption. You get 100 linear metres of sawn timber per kWh.

Sturdy design gives low costs of maintenance and service.

Models available:

  • 15kW three-phase electric for best performance.
  • 23HP petrol B+S Vanguard 4-stroke (electric start) for convenience.


  • Cant dimensions: Up to 490mm wide and 260mm high.
  • Or stack multiple smaller cants on top of each other up to 260mm high and feed through together.
  • Dimensional accuracy: +/- 0.5m
  • Production:Max. 4 cubic meters per hour; or realistically 10 cubic meters per day assuming usual breaks and sharpening time, etc.
  • Blade sharpening machine (electric single phase) included.
  • Requires small compressor to operate pneumatic pressure rollers.

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