Stack cutter PK1500

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Efficient cutting at an unbeatable price.

With Logosol’s stack cutter you cut the whole timber stack at once. Just adjust it to the desired length and let the stack cutter do the job — quickly and efficiently with an accuracy down to +/- 2 millimetres. The stack cutter takes the cut linearly vertically, a method that gives you increased capacity and flexibility.

This machine is already appreciated by many people who cuts timber stacks. The 150 or 120 cm long guide bar is guided at the bar nose. The chain is a standard cross-cutting chain driven by a strong electric motor. The stack cutter does not take up a great deal of space, and it runs easily on its sturdy castors. The included measuring rod helps you measure the length of the stack. Many less expensive stack cutters fold the guide bar down through the timber stack. Vertical cutting is used by Logosol’s stack cutter and by significantly more expensive, professional stack cutters.

Profitable even at low volumes. Cuts with great precision for a small investment. You get the same accuracy as from considerably more expensive machines. Profitable even at small volumes.

Easy to work with. The controls are in working height and a Plexiglas shield stops the sawdust. Easy to set up.Easy to store. The portal-shaped design of steel and three big castors give you a mobile stack cutter with a small footprint that can easily be moved.

Advantages of vertical cutting:

  • Finer sawn surface.
  • Handles larger timber stacks.
  • Low costs of cutting equipment.


$16,300 Incl. GST.

Logosol Stack Cutter PK1500

$1,299 $1,087 Incl. GST.

Guide Bar Stihl, 59'' (150 cm), for chain .063'', 3/8'', 189 DL

$189 Incl. GST.

Chain for 59'' (150 cm) Guide Bar (.063'', 3/8'', 189 DL)

$152 Incl. GST.

Chain for 47'' (120 cm) Guide Bar (.063'', 3/8'', 152 DL)

$650 Incl. GST.

Guide Bar Stihl, 47'' (120 cm), for chain .063'', 3/8'', 152 DL

$611 Incl. GST.

Guide Bar LOGOSOL, 53'' (135 cm), for chain .063'', 3/8'', 173 DL

$173 Incl. GST.

Chain for 53'' (135 cm) Guide Bar (.063'', 3/8'', 173 DL)

$80 Incl. GST.

Adaptor for 47'' (120 cm) Guide Bar, 4 pcs.

$80 Incl. GST.

Adaptor for 53'' (135 cm) Guide Bar, 4 pcs.

$245 Incl. GST.

For connecting 3 phase EU machinery to Australian standard 3 phase power.

For Logosol 3-phase machines (excl PH360 and PH365) and extractors.

Includes EU female plug, 7m of cable, AU 20A male plug.