A complete planing-moulding machine in a compact format.

The Logosol PH260 is the best value four sided planer/moulder in Australia.

Making your own timber mouldings is a profitable form of wood processing when it comes to most building projects. With a Logosol PH260 you have everything you need for getting started with much sought-after production speed. Easy to use and easy to own. You can plane and mould the timber on all four sides in one operation, producing up to 720 linear metres per hour. The settings for different machined products are logical and easy to understand. With four cutter heads you can plane or mould all four sides of your timber at once.

Feed speeds from 2 to 12 meters per minute, suitable for both hardwood and softwood machining.


  • 4-sided machining: 15-260mm W and 10-100mm H.
  • 2-sided machining: to 300mm W and 10-230mm H.
  • Planing: to 410mm W and to 230mm H.
  • Production: Up to 720 linear meters an hour.
  • Variable feed speed: 2 to 12 meters per minute.
  • Power: Up to 12.2kW total (all cutter motors and feed motor).

A top quality machine, made in Sweden with all European switch gear and motors.

In Logosol’s tool catalogue there are hundreds of different standard profiles to choose from. You can also order your own design or reproduce old profiles, which can be of great value if you are, for instance, renovating an old building.

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