Sawmill with quality in every detail – made in Sweden
The F2 is an ultra-portable sawmill, which easily cuts up large logs. In addition, it is so lightweight that you can lift and move the sawmill by hand. This sawmill is affordable and incredibly easy to use. Even if you never have sawn timber before, you will quickly get started with your production of planks and boards for your building projects. You take every cut with impressive precision.

The F2 is made of strong anodised aluminium, a material with amazing properties. You get a maintenance-free, lightweight sawmill that will never rust and that stands up to logs that weigh up to one metric ton.

Advantages of the F2

A lightweight sawmill with minimum setup time. With just a few simple steps, the sawmill is dismantled for transport or storage. The frame is built of 1-metre sections that fit in the boot of a standard car if required. Strong log lifters with log beds, which together can stand up to one metric ton!

A lightweight saw carriage that slides perfectly on the guide rail, prepared for optional crank handle and bar nose steering. Chainsaw, electric saw and electric feed unit are compatible.

Fully anodised aluminium sections are a durable and dirt repellent surface. It never rusts.
The sawmill can be extended and upgraded when required.
Adjustment of depth of cut in fixed steps, gives your timber exact dimensions.
Adjustable sawmill feet included for steady positioning.
Strong locking of the guide rail sections facilitate assembly and gives increased stability.
Convenient easy-grip carrying handle for easy moving.
2 XL log clamps are included.

Technical data

Length: 4 m as standard
Width: 0.7 m
Weight: 52 kg without saw unit
Log diameter: Up to 60 cm, with the possibility of sawing even larger logs
Log length: 3.8 m as standard, but can be extended to any length
Accessories: All accessories for the LOGOSOL chain sawmiills are compatible.
The sawmill can be extended when required.
Almost any chainsaw with two guide bar bolts and ample power for sawmilling. Recommended Stihl chainsaw MS391/MS661 or Logosol electric saws. Petrol and electric Log Moulder also available.

Carriage upgrade package

The basic saw carriage supplied with the F2 can be upgraded with this upgrade package for more convenient feed of the saw unit and higher accuracy when taking wide cuts.

Winding crank – Provide a more convenient way to feed the saw through the log, is easier of the operator and provides higher productivity.

Bar nose steering – a cross bar supporting a magnet, holds the chainsaw bar more steady, reduces vibration, and potential bar sag. This increases dimensional accuracy and provides an even nicer sawn finish.

Water cooling which is useful in some instances, (like when milling wide hard logs) the water cooling the bar/chain improves productivity and reduces wear. Ideal for wide Australian timbers. This can be retrofitted to the carriage upgrade package at a later date.

The above three features are part of the upgrade package, this package requires the F2 basic saw carriage that is provided with each F2 mill.

In its basic configuration, this sawmill can be assembled as a 3 metre long sawmill with 1 metre between the log beds or as 4 metre long with 2 metres between the log beds. Extensions make it easy for you to extend the sawing length in steps of 0.5, 1, 2 or 3 metres.