What are the Logosol Extension Nuts?
These are extensions which fit between your chainsaws sprocket cover and the Logosol sawmill carriage. They fit onto the chainsaws chain bar bolts, the carriage fits to these extension nuts, and your original chainsaws nuts fit of the carriage. Each Logosol sawmill carriage (Timberjig, Winding Carriage, etc) comes with M8 Logosol Extension Nuts which fit most suitable chainsaws. Large chainsaws like the Stihl MS880 and equivalent in other brands require an M10 set of Logosol Extension Nuts and these can be ordered separately.
Which chains will the Logosol Chain Sharpening Robot sharpen?

The following pitch chains can be sharpened:

  • 1/4″
  • 3/8″
  • .325

The following chains cannot be sharpened:

  • .404
  • Skip tooth chains
Will my chainsaw fit Logosol mills?
Which chainsaw brands can I use with Logosol mills?

You can use almost any brand of chainsaw with out mills. However they must meet certain physical criteria – see FAQ: Will my chainsaw fit Logosol mills?