Perfect when you want to saw where the logs are.

The Logosol M8 equipped with a chainsaw is our best selling model. Into the portable, original sawmill we have put over 25 years’ experience of small-scale sawing. You get great results from the very start and can realise your building projects using your homemade timber.

Logosol M8 – highest precision from the first cut.Each Logosol M8 has been adjusted, checked and partly preassembled when delivered. The structure is of black anodised aluminium alloy, a material with great qualities that make the sawmill lightweight, strong and rigid. You can saw all year round. The sawmill is suitable for sawing in wet and dry conditions.

  • Simple to use – easy to own.
  • Easy to transport and carry.
  • You can manage everything by yourself.
  • Safe and convenient lifting winches.
  • Quick, separate setting of the log beds ensures the best sawing yield.
  • Can be kept outdoors all year round.
  • You saw in a comfortable upright working position.